Drilling Through Colorado Regulations

Using data to navigate SB181

Since the passage of Senate Bill 181, operators are now forced learn how to properly apply and navigate these new regulations.  The team at Sandstone is excited to present a case study outlining how a Colorado operator leveraged data to streamline planning/development analysis and create actionable data/report(s) to validate the Total Outreach Campaign required of Dispositional Impacted Communities by the COGCC.

The case study covers:

  1.  Locate and analyze datasets to quantify SB181
  2.  Determining DI communities within ArcGIS
  3.  Assembling and preparing assets for Total Outreach Campaign

Following the 15 min case study presentation, Stuart Turley (President of Sandstone Group) will lead a quick roundtable talk including Ryan Ray discussing how these local regulations could find its way to the national level 

Case Study Questions can be put into the form or email Michael@sandstonecg.com

Questions About the Case Study